Bad Cat Amps - USA Player Series Cub 15 1x12 Combo

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Power:15 Watt Class A
Channels: 1

Speaker Description

Head Shell: N/A Combo: 12" Bad Cat Proprietary Celestion Speaker

4, 8, 16 ohms


Available Configuration: Available: Head Shell, 1x12 Combo
Cabinet Material: Head Shell Italian Poplar, Combo's Baltic Birch


Power Tubes: 2 EL84

Pre-Amp Channel 1: 12AX7 - EF86

Rectifier Tube

Solid State Rectified


• Bad Cat proprietary K Master circuit – the exact same incredible K Master circuit found on our legacy series amps. The K Master allows for any tone at any volume. 

• The USA Player Series Cub amps feature the ability to switch between a 12AX7 and an EF86 in the V1 preamp position. The 12AX7 is cleaner with more midrange and more traditional in its voicing. The EF86 is more aggressive and dynamic. The picking dynamic on this preamp setting is without parallel. 

• Start with the bass, treble and cut at noon and adjust. The treble back behind noon will impart a rich midrange, push it past noon and feel any unwanted low end flub disappear. 

• Passive effects loop

• Reverb is standard

• High quality birch ply cabinets.

• Hand built in Irvine, California just like our legacy amps

• Same components and hand-wound on paper bobbin transformers found in our hand-wired legacy amps.

• Combos have the same UK made Celestion Bad Cat proprietary speakers

The temptation when designing an amplifier, especially if PCB is the best construction method for your project, is to offer every feature under the sun. Six rows of pots and switches, multiple channels and modes etc. The problem with that approach is that every component that your signal travels through has a benefit and a cost. The benefits are the particular function the component adds but cost is in signal degradation.

At Bad Cat, we believe we can achieve versatility in other ways. We design amplifiers with short, clean signal paths. As a result, Bad Cat amps have a trademark transparency and clarity. The USA Player Series is no exception. The amp is designed with simplicity, functionality and amazing tone in mind. We kept the signal as simple as possible. Versatility is achieved through the design and the ability to utilize different preamp tubes, interactive tone stack, and the K Master.

What is the difference between the USA Player Series and the Cub Legacy amps?

Both amps are hand built at our headquarters in Irvine, California. Both amps essentially use the same components, transformers and chassis. The Legacy amps are built using point- to-point solder connections. The USA Player Series amps are constructed with military grade printed circuit boards. Still constructed by hand, the PCB construction offers repeatability and the ability to isolate grounding planes for reduced noise. From the player’s perspective, this can make an amp feel a little more forgiving. If done correctly the attack will compress a little easier, even in clean settings, which will smooth out variations in picking attack.