Bad Cat - Hot Cat 30R Head

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One of the BADDEST head/cab pairings by BadCat Amps! 

We have brought in the venerable Hot Cat 30R head. This is a phenomenal amp for gigging and recording (or just putting a smile on the face of every passing guitarist).  Proudly hand made and hand-wired in the U.S.A., the Hot Cat 30R is DEFINITELY worth a second, third, and fourth look in your quest for tone.  Come on in and check it out - we love to hear this thing fired up!

Changes for 2014:

Expanded clean channel with separate controls for bass and treble

Individual reverb controls for each channel

Simplified and expanded capabilities gain channel

Improved reverb circuit for depth and smoothness

Bad Cat has taken one of the best clean channels ever made and expanded the tonal capabilities by adding a separate Bass and Treble control.

Channel one is now simplified with Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Reverb and Master controls. The new tone stack arrangement is more versatile, and able to cover wider palettes of gain tones. They have redesigned the tone stack to be more forgiving, and easier to dial-in amazing tones. The gain structure was addressed to cover more territory, offering previously unavailable sweet bluesy, low-gain growl. Push it a little more, to get a nice 70's crunch, that is thick and punchy. Push it even further to get more layers of harmonic swirls to heavy thunderous gain from the speakers.